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The Apex Masonry range of coloured masonry blocks has been carefully manufactured to produce a unique look similar to natural sandstone. This effect can enhance both classic and contemporary designs. The choice of subtle and bold shades allows this range to fit any age of property. Our meticulously blended colours are inspired by the beauty of our coast line.

Our range of coloured blocks boasts a pre-sealing technology from Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems. Tech-Dry admixtures are incorporated during the manufacture of the blocks. These admixtures significantly enhance waterproofing and assist in maintaining the appearance of your blocks for years to come.

For more information on Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems Click Here


  • Mortar to be in accordance with AS3100 1:1:6 Cement, lime and sand.
  • We recommend a water proofing additive from Tech Dry to be used with the mortar. For more information contact Apex Masonry.
  • All joints to be tightly ironed and mortar cleaned from the face of the blocks with water and a soft brush or sponge prior to setting.
  • When designing a project please check the fractions are available using the table of blocks above.