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Garden Edging

Garden edging from Apex Masonry is available in various options. Garden edging ideas are unlimited with the option of using concrete blocks, pavers and purpose made garden edging blocks. Garden edging blocks are available in various sizes. Our entire garden edging options at Apex Masonry is DIY garden edging. Concrete Blocks in grey or coloured can be used for garden edging and if you are looking for even a cheaper option we have seconds available at a great price. Pavers can be laid standing up or on their side to create a garden edge around gardens. Many of our garden edging products are available in brick or terracotta colours. All of the garden edges of Apex Masonry can be used for straight walls, curved walls corners and steps.

Garden Edging Blocks

At Apex Masonry we have a garden edging product called Easy Edge this product has many advantages such as easy to create straight lines, curves, corners, Quick to install and light weight for ease of installation. A unique feature of Easy Edge is it has a straight edge and doesn’t cause and edge that it hard to mow along. The Easy Edge has a split texture appearance on the face this gives a sense of natural stone – it is available in 4 colours to suit many designs. There is no easier way to create a small garden wall or garden edge than by using Easy Edge – it has small amount of foundation preparation. Their compact and practical size makes it them very easy to lay/install. Construction of garden edges is simple yet strong and reliable option making it great for all outdoor domestic projects. This easy to use DIY garden edge system is ideal for the home handy man, searching for a simple, easy, makeover solution.