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Architectural Range Story

Bayridge   Apex Masonry Architectural Range Story

Textured. Authentic. Natural.

Perfectly blended sands inspired by Queensland’s Fraser Coast shoreline set the foundation for all The Apex Architectural Masonry Range®.

A local mix of high grade materials including olivine basalt, medium, pure and fine white sands produce a stain free product with a cleaner, long-lasting finish.


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You are authentic. You are an individual. You are you.

Whether you’re looking for a soft, calming tone or you care more for bold, earthy hues, there’s a The Apex Architectural Masonry Range® colour just for you!

Delve in deep and get that little piece of nature that reflects you or your project.

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The Organic Colour Selection

Organic. Earthy. Raw.

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The Classic Colour Selection

Classic. Pure. Calm.

Colour Options

Fraser Coral

Fraser Sand


Smooth. Split. Honed. Polished. Bolstered…

The Apex Architectural Masonry Range® is available in wide range of finish profiles to suit a variety of applications and match all budgets.

Discover our range below and click on the blocks to learn more about each profile.

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  • Feature Walls
  • Feature Banding
  • Load bearing & non-load bearing walls
  • Veneer walling
  • Commercial & residential buildings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Firewalls & Partition Walls
  • Fences & Screen Walls
  • Planter boxes
  • Entrance Walls
  • Letterboxes
  • Posts & Piers


  • Natural Stone look
  • Compressive Strength Rated
  • Acoustic rated
  • Insulation rated
  • Versatile and efficient building method

Product Protection

Prevention is better than cure


The Apex Architectural Masonry Range® incorporates pre-sealing technology from Tech-Dry® Building Protection Systems. This admixture significantly enhances waterproofing, minimises efflorescence, reduces mold, and assists in maintaining the clean appearance of your blocks for years to come.

Tech-Dry® Mortar Additive

For water-resistant mortar, improved mortar adhesion and workability. Apex Masonry recommends TECH-DRY® Mortar additive – a water-resistant admixture for mortars specifically formulated for laying water repellent concrete blocks.

Masonry Sealer 

Apex Masonry recommends sealing products from Shalex Industries. Refer to the manufacturer for the best sealing product for your application.