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What is Bevelled Paving & what is its advantages?


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What is Bevel Paving & what is its advantages?

Paving can come in many different shapes, sizes & colours, all very significant attributes to help create an incredible landscape. But what is a bevelled paver? And why is it important? 

When you look closely at a bevelled paver, you will notice all four edges on top of the paver are slightly sloped ÔÇô this is the bevel. Also referred to as an arris or square, a bevelled edge is a specific angle detail found on the sides of square-edged pavers. It is typically a 5mm 45-degree angle but can vary depending on your chosen product. The bevelled edges help define the shape of the paver and the pattern as an architectural/design feature. The LeMode Paving Range includes the bevelled edge on all the pavers within this range.

In the below image the red arrows on the large format paver – LedaPAVE (400x400x40mm), highlight the bevelled edge.

What is a bevelled pavers advantage?

This style of paving promotes water drainage and improves overall grip, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as courtyards, entertaining areas, pathways, patios, and pools surrounds.
The bevelled edge improves the durability of the paver, preventing chipping on the sides of the paver. In addition, the bevelled edge provides for a better user experience. It is much easier on the feet and presents less of a trip hazard.



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