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Build-it Rewards Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the Build-it Rewards Program. Apex Masonry reserves the right to update or change the program and gifts offered at any time. Please read them carefully.

  1. Build-it Rewards Points will only be earned for products purchased from Apex Masonry.
  2. Points will begin accumulating from the start of the month that the member registers with the Built-it Rewards Program.
  3. Build-it Rewards Points are received if the month’s account is paid by the 10th day of the following month. If the account is not paid on time Build-it Rewards points will not be awarded for that month.
  4. If a member is in breach of Apex Masonry’s terms and conditions trading, Apex Masonry may cancel the value of any rewards from the member’s balance.
  5. Build-it Rewards Points are awarded the month in which the order is invoiced.
  6. Build-it Rewards Points are earned at the rate of 1 point per every AU$50.00 ex GST spent.
  7. Apex Masonry will be the administrator for managing and recording Build-it Rewards Points earned.
  8. Build-it Rewards Points can be redeemed as exclusive gifts, a credit to members account or a selected gift card. Credit to members account and gift card options can only be redeemed to the set values displayed in the Build-it Rewards gift selection.
  9. Build-it Rewards Program runs from 1 January until the 31 December each year. Built-it Rewards points can be redeemed at any time during the year up until 31 January of the following year. Your points will expire if they are not redeemed by 31 January in the following year.
  10. A maximum of 12000 Build-it Rewards Points only can be accumulated. If not redeemed, points will no longer accumulate after reaching 12000 Build-it Reward Points.
  11. Points can only be redeemed after the minimum amount of 140 Build-it Rewards Points have been accumulated.
  12. Build-it Rewards Points cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.
  13. The following will apply if a gift is chosen from the gift range:
    1. If a gift becomes unavailable, it will be substituted with a similar product type of equal value.
    2. Warranties, refunds or exchanges will only be in accordance with the individual supplier’s policies.
    3. Apex Masonry will not accept liability for any loss, damage or injury from the use of any gift.
    4. Allow up to 28 days for delivery of your gift from the supplier.
  14. Members may also receive Bonus Points for specific promotional activities during a period of time. e.g. Anniversary Points
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