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Apex Masonry’s Alternative For ClayPave

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Your Guide To Finding The Best Paver Equivalent

We all know what a year 2020 has been. But it has had its advantages, allowing homeowners to complete outstanding maintenance and renovation projects for their gardens & landscapes.

A highly dependent company for many DIY landscapers has closed. ClayPave was a supplier of quality pavers and bricks. This left many customers in question as to how and where they can purchase products like this. Thankfully Apex Masonry has a concrete paver range like ClayPave. Apex Masonry can help you find the best alternative to some of the ClayPave paving range.

Find Out Apex Masonry’s Concrete Paver Alternative Below

ClayPave ProductsApex Masonry Alternative
Regal – 400x400mm

Leda – 400x400mm

*Pedestrian Only
Regal – 300x300mm

Centro – 300x300mm

*Pedestrian Only
Regal – 230x230mm

Cosmo – 200x200mm

*Pedestrian Only
Regal – 230x115mm

Adra – 200x100mm

*Pedestrian Only
Regal – 300x300mm

Easy Pave – 300x300mm

*Suitable for driveways
Regal – 230x115mm

Bevel Line – 230x115mm

*Suitable for driveways
Apex Masonry’s Concrete Pavers similar to ClayPave

Apex Masonry have stockists of paving all over South Queensland. To find your closest Reseller visit our ‘Find A Stockist’ page.

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