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How to Build a Retaining Wall

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How to: Build a Retaining Wall

If you’re planning to build a retaining wall by yourself, it definitely helps to know where to start and what you’ll need to get started. Read the simple steps below and Download our Retaining Wall Installation Guides for the full detailed instructions.

Step 1 – Preparing the base

Mark out the ground and create a base according to product specifications.

Step 2 – Laying first course

Using a string line as a guide, place blocks onto prepared base.

Step 3 – Placing the drain

Place an Ag-pipe behind the first course of the wall on a bed of drainage material.

Step 4 – Placing additional courses

Lay the remaining blocks in running bond with course below

Step 5 – Backfilling & Corefilling

Fill all the cores (TrendStone® only) of the blocks with 10-20mm clean, free drainage material. Back fill behind the wall using the same material.

Step 6 – Laying capping units

Once backfilling and cleaning is complete, place capping units (TrendStone®) or final course (Classic Wall) in running bond and fix them in place with adhesive.

Step 7 – Surface drainage layer

Place 100 – 150mm of clay impermeable layer (or similar) on top of back fill if surface water cannot be naturally drained away from top of wall.


Want to seal your wall? Find out about sealing in our Retaining Wall Maintenance Guide.


DOWNLOAD TrendStone Installation Guide


DOWNLOAD Classic Wall Installation Guide

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