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Create a stunning industrial-style Coffee Table

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DIY: Industrial Coffee Table

Are you wanting your outdoor entertaining or living area to stand out? This easy DIY block table may be just what you need. You can select from a multitude of colour and size options to customise your table to hold books, magazines, CD’s, or almost anything you need.

What you’ll need:

Step 1 – Plan your table.

Decide what colour and finish you want your blocks to be and then decide the layout of the blocks. Alternate the orientation of the blocks to create a modern and modular effect.

Step 2 – Build your table.

Stack the blocks in the layout you desire.

Step 3 – Decorate & use.

Decorate your table to your own taste with a lamp, small plants or other décor. Use the core holes to hold the latest newspaper, magazines or CD’s.

Get building!


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