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Maintaining your Masonry Products

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Prevention is better than cure.

Everybody wants their homes and landscapes looking great year after year. Here are some tips on maintaining your masonry products.

  • Seal your finished project to protect against staining. Products recommended are from Shalex Industries
  • If constructing in and around the area, cover the masonry to protect against damage.
  • For paving, sweep frequently with a bristled broom to keep area free of debris.

Routine cleaning will keep your project in pristine condition, however should staining occur – remember these simple steps:

  • Always identify type of stain carefully before taking action.
  • Decide on a cleaning method.
    • For general soiling try a mild detergent with water and a good scrub with a medium brush.
    • For other stains, find out more in our brochure.
  • Trial cleaning on a small inconspicuous area of the masonry.
  • Remove the worst stains first.
  • Ensure that all residues are immediately removed.

For more information on maintaining BayRidge Architectural Masonry DOWNLOAD this Guide.

For more information on maintaining Landscaping Products DOWNLOAD this Guide.

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