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DIY Planter Box with Blocks

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Planter Box - The Best Value For Money!

Get this – a budget DIY planter box that’s easy to make looks great, and is very flexible in design.

Introducing the planter box made with blocks!

Guaranteed the most durable planter box on the market. Timber planter boxes are prone to rotting and termites and galvanised garden beds are likely to rust over time. Concrete Blocks are compressive strength rated and are made to last forever. You really can’t go wrong with a concrete block planter box.

A planter box made with blocks is an extremely modular planter box. If you need a higher garden bed, just add more blocks! Maybe you want to extend your garden? Just add more blocks to your planter box! More caps for the finished look.

This planter box is so easy to make. We can tell you exactly what you need and in a few simple steps how to make a concrete block planter box that is approximately 1.6 x 1.0 metres.

What you will need:


Step 1. Make the ground level
Step 2. Place the blocks
Step 3. Glue the caps
Step 4. Fill the garden with soil
Step 5. Plant your flowers/vege’s/herbs

Top Tip For Being Budget Savvy:

This is a brilliant concept for saving money and maximising your planter box space, and it looks fantastic too….


Just fill the blocks with soil and you get extra space to place your herbs or plants. For example, the herbs that are more likely to spread, like mint. If you plant the mint into the blocks this separates the herb from the remainder of the plants and it will be easier to control. It’s all about thinking outside of the planter box!


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