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The Benefits of a H-Block

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The Benefits of H-Blocks You Need To Know!

Why is a H-Block so important?

H-blocks are used regularly for construction builds. For builders & block layers it is common knowledge that a H-block needs to be used to create a strong structure, but there are a whole lot more benefits to this unit.



The Benefits of H-Blocks You Need To Know!

  • The H-Block (20.48) sidewall thickness increases from the ends of the wings to the center web giving the block greater structural integrity.
  • The H-Block’s greater structural integrity means fewer broken blocks during the installation process.
  • Apex Masonry H-Block does not suffer from bowed wings. This is because of the greater structural integrity of the H-Block’s thick sidewalls.
  • Apex Masonry blocks are more GREEN than most other blocks on the market. They are made from a high content of recycled ash (50%).
  • The high content of recycled ash used for the manufacturing of Apex Masonry’s H-blocks makes it the lightest weight block available in the Queensland market. This means fewer manual task Workcover claims.
  • Apex Masonry blocks have 45% basalt content which means they are also fire-rated.
  • Apex Masonry H-Block’s (20.48) use less core-fill as a result of the thicker wings. This decreases the cost per M2 of core-filled blockwork.

Top View of a H-Block (20.48)





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