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The No.1 Sandstone Garden Wall Alternative

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BoldStone Garden Wall - The Mini Sandstone Block

Everybody agrees that Sandstone Blocks are a beautiful, natural boulder that is timeless piece for Garden Edging & Retaining Walls. Now take the Sandstone Boulder look and reduce it by size – Apex Masonry have the perfect resemblance to the Sandstone block but only it’s the mini version! Apex Masonry’s BoldStone Garden Wall was introduced to the landscaping market as a unique and flexible garden wall that delivers a natural boulder like appearance. It’s Sandstone Boulder look comes from the tumble process during manufacture.

Why chose BoldStone Garden Wall as an Alternative to Sandstone Block?

  • BoldStone Garden wall is a mini boulder. This makes it a light weight option.
  • With it’s 2-sided profile the BoldStone garden wall allows for a wide range of applications and design options.
  • It is a unique and flexible solution for straight or curved walls.

Product Details

  • Size: 293/200L x 185W x 100H
  • No. Per Pallet: 144
  • No. Per Lm: 4
  • No. Per m²: 40


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