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Video: How to Lay French Pattern

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How to Lay the LeMode French Paving Design

Do you love the look of the LeMode French Paving Design but are daunted by the prospect of having to lay such a detailed pattern? You’re not alone.

Without following the correct procedure, laying the LeMode French Paving Design can be challenging. But… by following the simple steps in the video below we’ll have you laying your own french pattern in no time!


Before you start, prepare your site as per our Paving Installation Guide.





Step 1 – Once the site is prepared, start by laying a 400 x 400 LedaPAVE in the corner of the longest edge of your area.


Step 2 – Lay one full module of the LeMode French Paving Design.


Step 3 – Continue to lay down the longest side of your area, using the Layout Planning Sheet to ensure you lay the correct pavers.

Note: The pattern repeats itself diagonally, not vertically, so be sure you use the Layout Planning Sheet as a guide to get it right.


Step 4 – Repeat the pattern to pave the remainder of your area.

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