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Video: How To Use TrendStone Locating Pins

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How To Use TrendStone Locating Pins Like A Professional

TrendStone Retaining Wall blocks are supplied with two green locating pins, which are packed into the blocks when they are manufactured.

These pins are used to locate each block to ensure a consistent running-bond, or stretcher-bond as the professionals call it. In simple terms, stretcher-bond is the standard brick pattern.

While these green locating pins are not crucial for the structural strength of the wall, they play an integral part in keeping the wall accurate and consistently in stretcher-bond. We’ve made a quick video to show to how to place the pins when building a TrendStone Retaining Wall.

Also, here are three bonus tips about these green TrendStone locating pins:

  1. The waffle-like face of the locating pin should be facing upwards when the pin is correctly installed.
  2. The pins are designed to assist in curved walls as well as straight ones, so don’t be afraid to use them when building a curved wall.
  3. The pins don’t need to be used on the top course as the cap needs to sit flat on the top course of blocks.


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