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Jammie Becker

Production Manager

Jammie Becker is Apex Masonry’s Production Manager. Jammie is a true master when it comes to making blocks. He has … Continued

Amy Sobey

Brand Manager

Amy Sobey is Apex Masonry’s Brand Manager. She thoroughly enjoys her role and helping to raise awareness of the company … Continued

Craig Hackney

Despatch Manager

Craig Hackney manages Apex Masonry Despatch. This job is not for the faint-hearted and Craig does an exceptional job of … Continued

Greg Williamson

Client Relations

Greg Williamson works in Clients Relations at Apex Masonry. He works remotely for Apex Masonry from the land out yonder … Continued

Chris Kelly

Client Relations

Chris Kelly works in Clients Relations at Apex Masonry. He is renowned for his knowledge of the building industry. Chris’s … Continued

Andrew Kearley


Andrew Kearley is the Director of Apex Masonry. When the opportunity arose for Andrew to become the Master of Manufacturing … Continued

Ryland Kearley

Purchasing and Production Officer

Ryland Kearley is Apex Masonry’s Purchasing and Production Officer. He dedicates his time to a very essentail role in the … Continued

Joshua Kearley

Sales Team and a Qualified Estimator

Joshua Kearley is part of Apex Masonry’s Sales Team and a Qualified Estimator. He dedicates his time to making sure … Continued

Nathan Kearley

General Manager

Nathan Kearley is the General Manager of Apex Masonry. Apex Masonry, being a family-owned business, meant of course Nathan holds … Continued

Marcia Kearley

Accounts Manager

Marcia Kearley is Apex Masonry’s Accounts Manager. This is a vital role in any business, and if anyone excels at … Continued

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