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Our Team

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With Apex Masonry you’ll always deal with an expert. Our team includes experienced professionals in customer service, logistics, product design, manufacturing and finance with our senior directors hands-on across all aspects of the business.

Andrew Kearley

Andrew Kearley is the Director of Apex Masonry. When the opportunity arose for Andrew to become the Master of Manufacturing Quality masonry, he took it. This was 40 years ago, and since then, Andrew has established a strong knowledge of the building industry challenges. He has responded to these challenges by designing practical innovations that make Apex Masonry's products easier to use.

Ryland Kearley

Ryland Kearley is Apex Masonry's Sales Manager. He dedicates his time to a very essential role in the business that keeps Apex Masonry an operating company. All that aside, he is one of these people that are just good to have around an office - if you ask him nicely, he will just about do anything for you (He may say it will cost you but don't worry you never receive an invoice!).

Nathan Kearley

Nathan Kearley is the General Manager of Apex Masonry. Apex Masonry, being a family-owned business, meant of course Nathan holds the same passion to provide the building industry with masonry products that are second to none. Nathan is a fantastic team leader and has undoubtedly been a key player in getting Apex Masonry to where it is today. He is the proud father of 2 adorable children.

Joshua Kearley

Joshua Kearley is part of Apex Masonry's Sales Team and a Qualified Estimator. He dedicates his time to making sure Apex Masonry's customers are getting looked after, from initial contact to working out block quantities, ensuring the product is delivered safely to the site. He has a great ring tone; that's why we know he's on-call looking after them all! You will find Josh is most likely exploring South-East Queensland and beyond on holidays!

Steve Richards

Meet Steve Richards, our dynamic Purchasing Officer with a background in banking. Steve brings a unique blend of financial finesse and sharp negotiation skills to the construction industry. His thoroughness, friendliness, and positive frame of mind make him a valuable asset, ensuring top-notch materials are sourced.

Amy Sobey

Amy Sobey is Apex Masonry's Brand Manager. She thoroughly enjoys her role and helping to raise awareness of the company. When she's deeply involved in being creative and doing an artwork project you will find she becomes pretty unresponsive, please note - this is not because she has selective hearing! When she's not bombarding your inbox with emails, she's at home probably working on making the next cake design.

Jamie Walker

Jamie Walker, Apex Masonry's Production Supervisor, boasts a decade-long tenure with the company, making him an incredibly trustworthy asset. A true master in block-making, Jamie seamlessly manages large crews and two block machines with finesse. His dedication ensures Apex Masonry delivers top-tier masonry blocks, bricks, pavers, and garden edging, setting the benchmark in the industry.

Luke Jaworski

Luke is Apex Masonry's Transport Manager. He is the strong support behind the despatch team, keeping things running smoothly and making sure everything and everyone gets to site safely. If you need product delivered from A to B - talk to Luke. This job is not for the faint-hearted and Luke does an exceptional job of making every delivery a smooth process and meeting all customer requirements.

Lauretta Archer

Lauretta Archer works in Admin & Customer Service at Apex Masonry. She is very passionate about helping clients and her teammates whenever she can. No doubt you will hear from her if you call into the office, she will be eager to help. Her bubbly personality and her chatter make for a happy environment wherever she is in the office. I am pretty sure Lauretta can hold a record for having the most diverse number of interests. She is super creative, loves music, has a green thumb, and is a definite foodie.

Ashley Robertson

Ashley Robertson works in Administration at Apex Masonry. She is the voice of Apex Masonry. She is happy to drop everything she's working on to help you when she hears your call come in! Ashley is energetic and very friendly. Always there to help, providing the best service you can get. Ashley's world includes her 2 beautiful little boys that she often has stories about. Before she became a genius in the industry of blocks & pavers she actually worked with flowers! Ashley is also fond of dirt biking.

Rosie Penberthy

Rosie Penberthy is Apex Masonry's Finance Officer. She is a hard-working, master at accounting. Rosie is committed to making sure every job is well done. Rosie originated from the far-away lands of New Zealand, 3hrs approx. by plane (so maybe not so far). It may not come as a surprise to everyone, it did to me though, but if she isn't hands-deep in numbers, she's at the Brolga theatre as a box officer. Something very cool about Rosie is that she is a volunteer for Riding for the disabled association.

Billee McLaughlin

Get ready to experience customer service like never before, courtesy of the vivacious and delightful Billee McLaughin, our resident Customer Service Officer at Apex Masonry! Billee is not just a friendly voice on the other end of the line – she's the magic behind our client interactions, turning every conversation into a memorable experience. With a personality as bright as the sun and a genuine passion for helping others, Billee brings a refreshing energy to our team.

Cate Kaminski

Cate Kaminski is Apex Masonry's Operations Administrator. The most important thing to her is keeping the team safe & sound, which makes her very important to have on the team. Cate shows of her ability to be extremely capable by having hands in all areas of the business, helping other team members where she can. And Cate has twins! If that doesn't prove she is an extremely capable person, I don't know what does. The next important thing to Cate is her puppy, she brings her puppy to work sometimes!

Mitch Manski

Mitch Manski is part of Apex Masonry's Sales & Customer Service team. Mitch is a professional and takes customers queries on board and attends to them quickly. He is not only helpful to every customer he deals with but as a team member, he works hard to help out wherever he can. Mitch's second language is sport 🙂 he loves playing cricket and has been ever since he was 11. He also follows (not plays) a lot of other sports particularly Rugby League.

Kat Blake

Meet Kat Blake, the sunshine of customer service at Apex Masonry. With her infectious positivity and unwavering support, Kat is the go-to person for all your needs. She's not just a hard worker – she's the calm in the midst of a crisis, the crafty renovator who transformed her entire house, and the down-to-earth animal lover who cherishes her dogs and cats. When you interact with Kat, you're not just getting exceptional service; you're experiencing the warmth and dedication of a remarkable individual.

Catherine Hateley

Allow us to introduce the financial wizard behind the scenes at Apex Masonry – Catherine, our stellar Accounts Lady! With a keen eye for numbers and a passion for precision, Catherine plays a pivotal role in keeping our financial gears turning smoothly.