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A matt finish with contrasting aggregate


A matt finish with contrasting aggregate

A grinding process exposes the contrasting colours of the aggregate with a matt finish to produce The Apex Masonry Architectural Range-Honed


About The Apex Masonry Architectural Range®

Perfectly blended sands extracted from Queensland ‘s Fraser Coast shoreline set the foundation for all The Apex Masonry Architectural Range-. A local mix of high grade materials including olivine basalt, medium, pure and fine white sands produce a stain free product with a cleaner, long-lasting finish.


Protected by Tech-Dry®

Enhance waterproofing. Minimise efflorescence. Reduce mould.

  • Masonry_with_a_Natural_ Stone_look

    Natural Stone look

  • Block_that_is_compressive_strength_rated

    Compressive Strength rated

  • Acoustic_Rated_block_work

    Acoustic rated

  • Insulation_rated_icon

    Insulation rated

  • Block_created_to_suit_an_efficient_building_method

    Efficient building method


  • Feature Walls
  • Feature Banding
  • Load bearing & non-Load bearing Walls
  • Veneer walling
  • Commercial & residential buildings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Firewalls & Partition Walls
  • Fences & Screen Walls
  • Planter boxes
  • Entrance Walls
  • Letterboxes
  • Posts & Piers

Organic Colour Selection

  • Charcoal

  • Pebble

Classic Colour Selection

  • Fraser Coral

  • Fraser Sand

  • Ivory

Please note there has been exceptional care to provide you with the best indication of colour. However, we do strongly advise you to always sight product samples or displays before use. Due to natural variations in raw materials, colours may vary from the images provided.


Size: See full list in Brochure

Standard amount per m2: 12.5

Material: Concrete

Are your blocks manufactured with sealer in them?

Yes, The Apex Architectural Range- Collection Masonry is manufactured with 'Tech-Dry' admixture – this helps to resist fading, efflorescence, and mould growth and keeps your product looking great for years to come.

Do we have to seal the blocks once they are laid?

Yes, we recommend this – it keeps the blocks looking great for years to come. Sealing products recommended are from Shalex Industries -

Do you manufacture other colours than the ones shown?

Yes, we can manufacture colours to order. Lead times and minimum quantities apply– please contact us for your requirements.

Do I have to seal the mortar?

Yes, we recommend you do – we supply Tech-Dry Mortar Additive with all The Apex Architectural Range Products.

Do you sell oxide to put in the Mortar that matches the block?

Yes, we can supply oxide by the kg to match your blocks.

Note for when laying Coloured Block:

All mortar and block core fill should be cleaned off the face of the block instantly to prevent staining.