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RenderBrick Series

For faster, flexible and highly durable rendered wall solutions


For faster, flexible and highly durable rendered solutions

Apex Masonry developed our market-changing double-height RenderBrick in 2007 – the first of its kind on the Australian market inspired by our mission to resolve persistent issues with crack lines in render applications.

Apex Masonry ‘s RenderBrick Series offers single height and double height components. Our unique core hole design allows for better mortar adhesion which resists cracking to the rendered finish. With the addition of core holes, RenderBrick also facilitates easy bolstering – the foundation for our unique oblong core design. Lightweight and square with grab points for easy handling, Apex bricks are ideal for veneer walling and non-load bearing partition walls.

  • Lightweight

  • Block_created_to_suit_an_efficient_building_method

    Efficient building method

  • Besser_block_manufactured_with_grab_points_for_easy_handling

    Grab points for easy handling

  • Block_manufatured_with_recycled_materials

    40% recycled materials

  • Grey_block_manufactures_so_it_is_always_straight_&_square

    Always straight & square

  • Block_work_that_is_easy_to_render

    Easy to Render

  • Render_brick_with_excellent_render_adhesion

    Excellent render adhesion

  • Masonry_that_is_manufactured_with_innovative_designs

    Innovative designs


  • Veneer walling
  • Commercial & residential buildings
  • Letterboxes
  • Posts & Piers

  • Grey

Please note there has been exceptional care to provide you with the best indication of colour. However, we do strongly advise you to always sight product samples or displays before use. Due to natural variations in raw materials, colours may vary from the images provided.

Block Formats

  • Double_Height_RenderBrick_230x110x162mm

    Double Height

  • Single_Height_RenderBrick_230x110x76mm

    Single Height


Double Height Size: 230 (L) x 110 (W) x 162 (H) mm

Single Height Size: 230 (L) x 110 (W) x 76 (H) mm

Double Height Amount per m2: 24.2

Double Height Amount per pallet: 250

Single Height Amount per pallet: 400

Material: Concrete

Are your Render Bricks fire rated?

Yes, please see our Fire & Acoustic brochure for more information.