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Up to 25% faster to install

Up to 25% faster to install

Blocklayers tools and scaffolding on a city high rise building worksite with perp free grey block wall half built.

Featuring Australia’s only 397 – 405mm block length tolerance, Apex Masonry’s QuikBlock is compatible with conventional concrete blocks for flexibility around windows and doorways.

With QuikBlock, vertical joints can be closed or opened up, allowing the nominal size of the block length to range from 397 – 405mm. Eliminate the need for mortared vertical joints with three modular components that key together. Each block also keys with the corresponding block to form a vertical joint where no mortar is required and can be laid in any direction. Experience a range of benefits unique to QuikBlock for ease of handling, reinforcement, block flexibility and engineering strength:

  • 397 – 405 nominal block length tolerance
  • Taper at bottom of centre web, acting as a grab point for ease of handling
  • Knock out grooves in core and sides of end blocks to allow reinforcement steel to go around corners
  • Bolster lines / points down inside of wings for flexibility of block length (fractions)
  • Mortar-free vertical joints

  • Lightweight

  • Compatible with standard blocks

  • 3 main components

  • Quicker to install

  • No clips required

  • Compressive Strength rated

  • Acoustic rated

  • Insulation rated

  • Fire rated

  • Grab points for easy handling

  • 40% recycled materials

  • Always straight & square


  • Load bearing & non-Load bearing Walls
  • Commercial & residential buildings
  • Firewalls & Partition Walls
  • Basement & Carpark Walls

  • Grey

Please note: Whilst all care has been taken to provide you with a good indication of colour, you should always sight product samples before use. Due to natural variations in raw materials, colours may vary from the images provided.

Block Formats


Size: See full list in Brochure

Material: Concrete

How much blockfill is required when corefilling the blocks?

200mm Series H Block - 0.83 m³ of concrete/100 blocks or 1 m³ of concrete/120 blocks.

Can Quikblock be used with normal grey blocks in the same wall?

Yes, Quikblock is compatible with standard grey blocks.

Are Quikblocks fire rated?

Yes, please see our Fire & Acoustic brochure for more information.

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