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Concrete Brick Verse Clay Brick

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Concrete Brick Verse Clay Brick


Why Choose Concrete Bricks?


The Premium Brick Collection The Product that Lasts Forever

Ready to build your dream home? At the forefront of contemporary design, the Premium Brick Collection offers elegant colours, clean lines, and unpretentious textures. Say goodbye to clay bricks and hello to the future of bricks. The new concrete bricks set a benchmark for building design. Construction of a new home got so much easier, concrete brickworks providing the building industry with straighter and squarer bricks than clay bricks.

Choosing and selecting bricks for your house – Why concrete bricks are best

One of the more desirable properties of concrete bricks is their strength. Unlike clay bricks, concrete bricks continue to gain strength over time, and concrete Bricks are manufactured to have high strength. When it comes to the force of nature in Australia, it is essential for brickwork to be resistant and durable.

Concrete Brick Versus Clay Brick

The building process is extensive; there are so many material choices and options. When it comes to coloured bricks, is concrete or clay better?

If your building project is in Australia, durability & quality are going to be two significant vital factors. Concrete Bricks are built from concrete, of course, and concrete is known for its strength and durability; concrete bricks will outlast clay bricks.

The process that clay bricks go through for manufacturing is impressive; however, the colour of all clay bricks is only on the surface, which means it is very noticeable if clay bricks get chipped. Concrete bricks mix the colour oxide into the wet material during manufacturing, meaning the entire brick is one solid colour. Therefore, this means chipping is not so much a pronounced issue.

The style of your home is an essential part of the building. When it comes to aesthetic variety, concrete brick is an ideal option. The face of concrete bricks is not limited to a smooth face; it can be honed, polished and more to create the desired look. Clay brick does not have this option.

Need Inspiration for the Style of your New Home?

The number one benefit of concrete bricks is the extensive range of surface finishers, which means your project’s vision can be unlimited. Concrete Bricks can be honed, polished, shot blasted, or rumbled. Visit Apex Masonry’s brick display to discover from the range of finishes as to which one will suit your style.


Apex Masonry’s passionate & helpful team can offer many┬áservices, such as colour scheming, product selection and technical advice.

What are concrete bricks?

Concrete bricks are a mix of sand, cement, graded rock. The bricks is formed in molds and then cures. Many colours can be used in the mix to create concrete bricks with an endless variety of colours. Concrete bricks can also be coloured to give reminiscent of clay.


Photo by Klim Musalimov on Unsplash

Are concrete bricks any good?

Concrete bricks have a lot of desirable qualities, such as strength and stability. Concrete bricks are strong and resistant to natural forces. Apex Masonry always want to make its customer’s experience with our products exceptional! That’s why we introduced the concrete bricks collection; they are dimensionally straighter and squarer than clay bricks, meaning the installation process is more manageable, and the execution is higher quality.

What colour brick is most popular?

According to a recent study, it was reported that residential colours are white, grey, tan and black, compared with younger homes. Apex Masonry’s brick collection has a standard and designer colour range inspired by Australia’s modern colour palette used in the building industry. Check out the colours available and find which one suits your style!

Concrete Bricks Are Environmentally Friendly

Apex Masonry takes a proactive approach to investing in sustainable solutions for the built environment. Apex used its expertise when designing the new coloured brick range, making it a priority that they were environmentally friendly. The expert team created a brick that used less energy when manufacturing, but the quality was still maintained.

What are concrete bricks used for?

Concrete bricks are small rectangular symmetric blocks that create a rigid wall. These bricks have greater compressive strength than standard clay bricks. Bricks are commonly used outside as exterior walls on buildings. Concrete Bricks can be utilized as a feature wall, such as door panels, to provide a modern urban appearance. Bricks are not limited to being used outside a building; they can also look beautiful in a modern rustic application as interior walls.

Who makes bricks in Queensland?

Apex Masonry is a family-owned manufacturer of a concrete brick range called The Premium Brick Collection. They are made from locally sourced materials creating quality & durable bricks from QLD. The new Premium Brick Collection® also includes a specially formulated water-repellent additive to protect the masonry units against efflorescence (lime leaching) and ensure long-term colour retention.

How much do bricks cost in Australia?

Cost is an essential factor for building. The standard bricks are typically reasonably priced and sell for about $135 10.90 each. Apex Masonry is happy to offer customers a free take-off and a quote. We have stock of our concrete bricks available all the time. If you want to match a colour to an old brick you have, ask our expert team. Be inspired for your beautiful home – Choose The Premium Brick Collection.


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