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What are the best blocks for retaining walls?


Apex Masonry has robust, durable retaining wall blocks that can be installed as straight, and curved walls. Our retaining wall blocks are suitable for garden retaining walls, feature walls, engineered walls, stairs, and more. Apex Masonry’s retaining wall products can be used quickly with minimal maintenance and no need for mortar, you can easily complete yourself. Looking for concrete retaining wall blocks that can be built for sweeping curves? View Apex Masonry’s TrendStone Retaining Wall range, this system has been developed to curve in bond.

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Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks

Segmental block walls are dry stacked in a running bond to create a freestanding retaining wall face. Segmental Retaining Walls are ideal for creating straight walls or curved walls. Segmental retaining walls consist of modular retaining wall blocks that interlock with each other. They are used to hold back a sloping face of soil to provide a solid, vertical front. Apex masonry has a range of segmental retaining wall block walls in different shapes, colours & sizes, they can either be vertical walls (they stack directly on top of each other) or setback walls (they ÔÇ£lean backÔÇØ each course the wall gets higher).

Besser Block Retaining Walls

Concrete blocks are commonly known as Besser blocks. If the structure is engineered correctly, besser blocks are ideal for providing reinforcement for sloping face soil. Besser retaining wall blocks are a better option than concrete sleepers because of their durability. You can rely on our superior and durable retaining wall supplies to meet your needs

What blocks do you use for a retaining wall?

Concrete blocks make the best walls for retaining soil. Building a retaining wall is easy with Apex Masonry’s range of retaining wall products. Not only can they retain soil, but their visual appeal adds style and value to your landscape. Find out how to install retaining walls and learn about wall heights by exploring the Apex Masonry Resources Page.

Retaining Wall Ideas

If you want to add character to your next backyard project look no further. Apex Masonry has a range of retaining wall blocks with contemporary colours that you can choose from to create a stunning landscape. From the creation of a garden bed, planter boxes, and edging to retaining soil, and leveling sloped land, retaining wall blocks provide practical and decorative walls to improve your garden.


Click here – To get inspiration from this modern landscaping project on the Sunshine Coast.

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Are retaining walls DIY friendly? Retaining walls can be a great DIY project. Depending on the size and design of your retaining wall, it can be built by yourself. At Apex Masonry, we have a range of DIY-friendly retaining wall products. We recommend concrete retaining wall blocks that are interlocking and the weight of blocks are easier to handle. Proper preparation is key and it’s important to take your time when building your wall. Before starting your landscaping, we recommend speaking with one of our expert staff who can help talk you through.

Do concrete block retaining walls need footings?

Every retaining wall needs a footing, but what type depends on the design, the material, the height, and the weight of the wall. To find out more about what you need to do to create a footing for walls in your project, ask the friendly team at Apex Masonry.

Are concrete footings required?

No, the footing is not a structural component of a retaining wall. A footing acts as a leveling pad for dry-stacked retaining wall blocks. This is one of the benefits of a dry-stacked gravity retaining wall block, making them faster and more cost-effective to use.

What is the easiest retaining wall to build?

For do-it-yourselfers, the easiest retaining walls to build are ones using concrete masonry blocks that are stacked no taller than 600mm. Concrete retaining walls have the best stability and durability. Apex Masonry has a range of concrete masonry retaining wall blocks that can be engineered with concrete core fill.

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