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How to maximise limited Garden Space

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How to maximise limited Garden Space


Limited Space without limiting imagination for stunning landscapes


Making the most out of a small backyard & front yard could seem like a complicated process. However, following a few simple rules can make a lot of difference. The right combination of landscaping materials, plants, garden furniture and other elements will be the key to your success.
If your landscaping space is limited, here are suggestions to help make small spaces eye-catching and enjoyable space.

Maximising Limited Front Garden Space

If you have a sloping yard, consider terracing your available space with retaining walls. Terracing allows you to divide your yard into more areas for plants. All plants are visible, giving your front yard a more verdant street appeal. TrendStone Retaining Wall is a great option to use when creating a terraced retaining wall.

Terraced front yard using TrendStone Retaining Wall – Charcoal

To increase value to your property, maximising a sloping block is very important. Using a completely vertical face retaining wall, such as Trendstone Retaining Wall, is a great option. A good majority of retaining walls on the Queensland market are retaining walls that slowly step back, taking away land that could otherwise be used for gardens. A completely vertical faced retaining wall gets the most out of the sloped landscape.

A sloping backyard featuring a vertical faced retaining wall – TrendStone Retaining Wall

Maximising Limited Backyard Garden Space

Having limited space in a backyard may seem like options for landscaping is limited; however, this is not the case. You can always maximise small areas and create a beautiful garden. All the landscaping elements need to be suitable if you have a narrow space to work with. Consider using natural but pleasing colours for fences or garden walls. BayRidge Split Face Block will enhance your small backyard space, and with its stunning colour selection, it creates a beautiful area. Choosing a BayRidge Split Face Block is a versatile option, suitable for creating privacy walls, fences, and garden beds.

Garden bed & privacy wall using BayRidge Split Block – Fraser Sand

A water feature can complete the picture for your small outdoor space. It takes creativity to create the perfect landscape. BayRidge Split Face block can be built to create a beautiful water feature. You will be surprised at how little space you need for a stunning blockwork water feature.

TrendStone Retaining Wall Garden wall – Fraser Coral with BayRidge Split Block used to create a stunning water feature

A relaxing environment outdoors is always a prime requirement. How can a small backyard have enough room for this? Easy, incorporate a seating area into your landscaping. A small retaining wall will elevate your garden; why not build a seating option into your wall? This will undoubtedly create a small designer backyard. Consider garden ornaments and decorative pots to add vibrance to your garden scene.

Garden Wall incorporating a seat in the design using TrendStone Retaining Wall – Charcoal

If you have limited backyard garden space, look for other ways to maximise available space. For example, the small area down the side of a house should not be neglected. It may be all the space needed to make a significant improvement to the property. Extending a small backyard down the side of the house will make the landscapes appear much more extensive. Incorporate bright, large format paving to lift your small areas.

TrendStone Garden Edging in Fraser Coral colour with footpath using large format Paver – LedaPAVE Canyon

DonÔÇÖt forget vertical spaces. Grey Block can create an exciting vertical garden bed and turn a small backyard into a flourishing garden that can be enjoyed.

Grey Besser Block used as a vertical garden wall.

Having limited space in your front yard or back yard is does not limit what can be done to create a stunning garden. A vibrant and designer landscape can be made with whatever space this available. ItÔÇÖs a matter of being creative and utilising and maximising all the area that you have available.

Terraform Landscaping created this beautiful back yard using TrendStone Retaining Wall – Charcoal, as a garden Bed


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