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Concrete Blocks For Supporting Modular Buildings

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Concrete Blocks For Supporting Modular Buildings


Blocks For Supporting Modular Buildings

10.31 & 50.31C concrete blocks (also known as besser blocks) are the ideal solution for supporting modular buildings. These concrete blocks are lightweight, manufactured using recycled material, and superior quality concrete to ensure reliability and longevity in any application. With their superior strength-to-weight ratio, these concrete blocks provide exceptional support for a wide range of industrial projects, from mining and resource to construction.

This makes concrete blocks the perfect choice for any modular building project. They are easy to install, hassle-free, and cost-effective, providing a secure foundation you can rely on. With concrete blocks, you can rest assured that your modular building is built on an extremely strong and reliable foundation.

How To Create Concrete Grey Block Footings For Modular Building Installation

Materials You Will Need:




Construction level

10.31 (100mm Solid Concrete Block)

50.31C (Concrete Capping Unit)


Make Sure the Ground is Level
Where the modular building is to be installed, level the ground by removing high spots with a shovel. Fill in holes & low areas with the soil. Level the area approx. 15cm beyond the outline on the ground to accommodate the blocks.

Install a Layer of Gravel

Add an 8cm ÔÇô 13cm layer of gravel to the area and smooth it with a rake until level. Check with a construction level and adjust the position of the gravel as necessary.

Lay the concrete blocks

Place 2 x solid concrete blocks side by side on the ground. Top each concrete block with a capping tile as per the diagram below. This is how to complete the first concrete block pier. Now do the same for each vital edge of the structure as displayed in the diagram below.


Does A Modular Building Require A Foundation?

Yes! Having a sturdy foundation is essential for modular buildings. Modular construction relies on the strength of its foundation to provide stability and withstand different weather conditions and temperature changes. Without a strong base, modular buildings can be vulnerable to structural damage, leading to costly repairs or even complete collapse. Fortunately, with only just a 100mm solid concrete grey block & a concrete grey capping unit, a solid foundation can be constructed to support a modular building.

Can masonry blocks be load-bearing?

Yes, masonry blocks are suitable for load-bearing walls. Apex Masonry provides a wide variety of different sizes in the grey block range that are Load Bearing & High Strength MPA Blocks. The most popular and durable type of block is the concrete grey block which is ideal for both domestic and commercial structure applications. All Apex Masonry products are designed for load-bearing applications giving you peace of mind knowing your structures will stand strong over time.

Foundations For Modular Construction

The foundation is a crucial element for any modular home. It needs to be strong enough to support the structure and provide stability, yet also flexible enough that it can withstand different weather conditions and temperature changes. Concrete blocks are an ideal choice for modular construction foundations due to their superior strength-to-weight ratio. The key benefits are easy to install, cost-effective, and provide secure cost-effectively on. With concrete blocks as your modular home’s foundation, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will stand up against whatever nature throws its way.

Does Grey Block provide support?

Yes, concrete block support is essential for all types of retaining walls and modular buildings. The benefits of Apex Masonry grey blocks are that they are designed to provide strong support for these structures by offering the required load-bearing capacity as well as thermal performance that helps to regulate temperature fluctuations. Builders love the durability of Grey blocks. Additionally, the blocks offer excellent moisture resistance and durability that can withstand all kinds of climates. This makes them ideal for both residential and commercial applications, as they will remain strong over time, protecting your structures from the effects of wear and tear or even extreme weather conditions. With Apex Masonry grey blocks you can be sure that your retaining walls and modular buildings will have the support they need to stand strong for years to come.

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