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The No.1 Sandstone Garden Wall Alternative


BoldStone Garden Wall - The Mini Sandstone Block


Everybody agrees that Sandstone Blocks are beautiful, natural boulders that are a timeless piece for Garden Edging & Retaining Walls. Now take the Sandstone Boulder look and reduce it by size – Apex Masonry has the perfect resemblance to the Sandstone block but only it’s the mini version! Apex Masonry’s BoldStone Garden Wall was introduced to the landscaping market as a unique and flexible garden wall that delivers a natural boulder like appearance. It’s Sandstone Boulder look comes from the tumble process during manufacture. Find the likeness to Sandstone Blocks Queensland at Apex Masonry.


Why chose BoldStone Garden Wall as an Alternative to Sandstone Block?

  • BoldStone Garden wall is a mini boulder. This makes it a light weight option.
  • With it ‘s 2-sided profile the BoldStone garden wall allows for a wide range of applications and design options.
  • It is a unique and flexible solution for straight or curved walls.

Product Details

  • Size: 293/200L x 185W x 100H
  • No. Per Pallet: 144
  • No. Per Lm: 4
  • No. Per m²: 40



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