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How To Get A Perfectly Square Area For Paving

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When you are laying pavers, there is a simple rule that you can use to ensure that you are setting up your area to be perfectly square, using only a tape measure.


It’s called the 3-4-5 rule.


When you are ready to start paving, check that the area you are paving in is square. You can do this by measuring 3m along one edge (the slab, house, retaining wall or another edge) and then measuring 4m at roughly right angles to the first edge along a string line or another straight edge. If the area is square, the diagonal measurement should be exactly 5m from the end of the 3m edge to the end of the 4m edge.


If the diagonal line is not 5m, then the area is not square. Adjust the angle of the 4m edge until the diagonal is exactly 5m. Now you have determined whether the area is square, you are ready to pave!






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