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A Seaside Landscape Luxury


A Seaside Landscape Luxury | Apex Masonry


Transform your outdoor landscaping into a luxury seaside oasis with Ivory Trendstone Retaining Wall blocks. With this durable, weather-resistant retaining wall, you can create an eye-catching and sophisticated look for your home’s landscape. The Ivory color of the blocks adds a touch of sophistication to any landscape design while their textured finish gives them an elegant look that will make your outdoor space stand out from the rest.

The exceptional landscaping project featuring the exquisite Ivory Trendstone Retaining Wall blocks was designed and completed by the highly skilled and experienced landscaper – Outdoor Designs. With a strong and passionate understanding of landscape design, Outdoor Designs has been transforming outdoor spaces for various clients for years. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality ensured that the retaining wall was fitted perfectly and seamlessly into the overall landscape design. The resultant effect was nothing short of spectacular, with a beautiful and eye-catching outdoor space that has left a lasting impression on those who have had the pleasure of experiencing it.

The Apex Masonry solution

Apex Masonry was instrumental in helping to create the stunning outdoor space created by Outdoor Designs. Apex supplied TrendStone Retaining Wall and LedaPAVE in the colour Ivory, which were essential elements of this coherent and fully resolved design. Apex Masonry has been a trusted supplier of landscaping materials for many years and their attention to detail and commitment to quality ensured that the retaining wall was fitted perfectly into the overall landscape design. The result is an eye-catching outdoor space that stands out from other landscapes due to its unique features and functionality. Apex Masonry’s involvement with this project has helped solidify their reputation as one of the leading suppliers in the industry, delivering high-quality materials that are perfect for creating beautiful outdoor spaces tailored to each client’s individual needs.

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