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Concrete Block Vs Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall

The Pros and Cons you need to know


No matter what the state and terrain of your garden, a retaining wall can provide you with valuable features. Not only do retaining walls provide support for sloping gardens, but they also add a nice aesthetic to any yard or lawn. You can build your retaining wall from any type of material, but timber and concrete block walls tend to be the most popular. Depending on what your needs are, here ‘s some key information on concrete blocks and timber retaining walls so you can make an informed decision.

Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Pros Cons
Concrete block retaining walls are extremely strong, a vital quality when you’re talking about holding up tons of earth and water. After installation, your concrete retaining wall will continue to cure in place, further increasing its strength.
Concrete Retaining Walls are in the mid-range. If a budget is in mind cost is always a consideration. Although while timber might be cheaper, a concrete block retaining wall system will last longer, so it’s important to take all those considerations into account.
A concrete block retaining wall can stand up to the test of time, often lasting for a century or longer.
Do you want a retaining wall that’s fireproof, rot-proof, and rustproof? Concrete Block Retaining Walls are perfect for the job.
Easy to install
Concrete Block Retaining Wall is great for DIY projects.
Concrete block retaining walls will allow you to build curves, angles, or staircases into the
retaining wall design with minimum difficulty.
Attractive Finish
Concrete Block Retaining Walls offer a good range of colour possibilities. They can feature a natural stone-look finish perfect for fitting in with the natural environment.
Low Maintenance
Routine cleaning will keep your Concrete Block Retaining Walls in good condition. This is something that must be done often though.


Timber Retaining Wall

Pros Cons
If a cheap option is required Timber sleepers are the best option although in a long-term aspect this will not be the case.
The longest lifetime you can expect from timber retaining wall is about 25 years, and then you’ll need to replace it … And it is a favourite place for Termites.
Timber needs to be treaded so that it’s protected from rotting caused by the moisture present in the soil. Alternatively, you can buy timber that’s already been pre-treated. To maintain the strength and durability of your timber retaining wall, you’ll probably need to re-treat it every so often as well.
Lack of Design Options
Unless you are a master woodworker, you are generally limited in the shape of the wall you can create.



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