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How to Clean Your Retaining Wall

4 Basic Steps to Clean a Retaining Wall


As important as retaining wall are to increase the value of your property and enhance the appearance of your landscape it is also equally important to maintain them. Like anything that is exposed to the environment a regular routine clean is key to keep your retaining wall always looking great. Fortunately, cleaning your retaining wall is not a difficult procedure.

You will need

Begin with the ordinary garden hose

The first standard step is to use the garden hose with a sprayer attachment. Gently spray the retaining wall and soak the entire area. This is important prior to cleaning to ensure that no dirt is absorbed into the wall.

4 Basic Cleaning Steps

  1. Fill a water sprayer reservoir with water and household detergent.
  2. Spray the retaining wall and allow the entire area to soak in this solution for 10-15mins.
  3. Use a wet brush to remove problematic areas.
  4. Use a high-pressure water blaster (ONLY use fan jet) to clean the retaining wall, from the top to the bottom.

Additional Method If Required

If this basic cleaning method was not successful on removing all the affected areas, use ordinary bleach diluted with water as per specifications. Scrub with the stiff scrubbing brush. Make sure this area is thoroughly flushed down with water, this includes the area in front of the retaining wall if there is pavement or any product that could be stained.

NOTE: Test a small, inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire wall, to ensure solution doesn ‘t damage wall.


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